Pico Bonito Hiking

Pico Bonito Hiking

One of the best ways to get up close with the tropical jungles of Pico Bonito is by hiking. There are many trails into Pico Bonito National Park. Some of the best options for Pico Bonito Hiking are within walking distance of La Villa de Soledad, the leading Pico Bonito Hotel. Access to the trails is via a 400 foot long suspension bridge. The bridge is high over the Cangrejal River. From the bridge you can see the lovely El Bejuco Waterfall. The falls are the main destination in the trail network.

Choose between the La Roca or El Mapache Trails. Both will get you to the El Bejuco Waterfall.  The first is a loop trail that has a junction with the El Mapache Trail. For easier, less strenuous Pico Bonito Hiking, take the La Roca Trail to the junction with El Mapache Trail. Although longer, the trail is not as steep as El Mapache.

The El Mapache Trail leads to the lovely El Bejuco Waterfall. You can see this waterfall from road that leads from La Ceiba to the Cangrejal River Valley. The hike takes between three and four hours from the Visitors Center to the falls and back. This is Pico Bonito Hiking at its best! You will enjoy the jungle, get to see many birds and some reptiles. You will also get a refreshing bath at bottom of El Bejuco Falls.

The trail is well marked, and you can enjoy some good Pico Bonito Hiking on your own. If you prefer, hire a guide to take you and help you spot the local wildlife and show you interesting plants along the way.  On your return trip, as you cross over the magnificent “Indiana Jones” style hanging bridge over the river. You are likely to succumb to the temptation and hike down to the river for a refreshing swim in the crystal clear waters of this unique river. Who know, you may even get a glimpse of a group of white water rafts as they navigate down the river. That is another worthwhile experience you should enjoy during your visit.

As a norm, there are few hikers on the trail. Perhaps the only exception is on weekends, when you may find excursions visiting the Cangrejal River. Entrance fee to the park is a reasonable $8.00 US dollars per person. If you wish to hire a guide, you can do so for approximately $25 US.

There are other trails near La Villa de Soledad where you can enjoy more Pico Bonito Hiking adventures. We are happy to help you arrange the different alternatives. Happy Pico Bonito Hiking during you stay at La Villa de Soledad B&B, your Pico Bonito Hotel! 

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