Cayos Cochinos Islands

Cayos cochinos Islands

Laying just a few kilometres off the coast of Sambo Creek, the Cayos Cochinos Islands are idyllic! This small archipelago consists of 2 small islands and 13 sand cays that are a dream come true. Hard to imagine that you can still find unique places in the world that seem remote and pristine.

While I can’t say that the islands are pristine, because there are a few people living on them, they are as close as it gets! The archipelago is home to the Monumento Natural Marino Cayos Cochinos. This is part of the National Park System in Honduras. The smaller of the two islands is home to a research center run by Fundacion Cayos Cochinos, a nonprofit NGO. They are responsible for the management of the Park.

Without doubt, the biggest asset to the park is the magnificent coral reef that surrounds the Cayos Cochinos islands. It is one of the best preserved reefs in the Caribbean. It offers outstanding snorkel and dive conditions. A hike on Cochino Grande, the largest of the islands, will take you on a quest to spot the endemic Pink Boa. This snake has a pink coloring to it, due to its local diet.

A trip to Cayos Cochinos Islands is not complete if you do not visit Chachauate Cay. This tiny sand cay is home to a community of about 300 Garifuna people. Once a fishing outpost for the Garifuna Community at Armenia, it is now a travel destination in itself. This is the closest point between the mainland and the Cayos Cochinos islands. The Garifuna people arrived in Honduras in 1797, when the Brits marooned them on the island of Roatan. They are unique ethnic group that resulted from the mix of West African slaves and Carib Indians from Saint Vincent.

A visit to Cayos Cochinos Islands is the perfect combination for your trip to Pico Bonito. This way you will experience the tropical rainforest and a pristine reef setting in the Caribbean. Daily tours are available, weather permitting departing from Sambo Creek. This is one of the Garifuna Villages close to La Ceiba. A typical day tour departs at 8:00 am from Sambo Creek. The tour includes a visit to Cochino Menor, Cochino Mayor and Chachahate Cay. Snorkel  equipment is included and there is time for lunch at Chachahuate Cay.

There are a few options available if you wish to spend the night at Cayos Cochinos. We work recommend Daryls Place at Cayo Largo Arriba. They offer a variety of alternatives on their small white sand cay. Arrange to spend as many nights as you want there and experience what it is to live on island almost by yourself!

After you visit Cayos Cochinos Islands, you will understand why this is one of the most popular tours available from La Ceiba and Pico Bonito. If you wish to book a tour, you can do so through our La Villa de Soledad website booking engine.

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