Canopy Tour at the Cangrejal River

Canopy Tour Cangrejal River

We all dream of flying like a bird… Over the years, humans have built machines with which to soar the skies. But regardless of all technology, we still have not mastered flying ourselves. A Zip Line Canopy tour at the Cangrejal River is almost as good as flying!  Yes imagine traveling from tree top to tree top without descending to the ground. A steel cable connecting the treetops, plus a safety harness fitted to your body will allow you to fly through the treetops.

You do not need previous experience! The most strenuous activity when enjoying a Canopy Tour is hiking up the forest to begin your tour at the top. The Cangrejal River Canopy offers a total of 8 cables. The first and the last will cross you high over the scenic Cangrejal River. After crossing the river, a short hike in the tropical jungle will get you to the second station. One you are up there, the activity will be only on the treetops!

Your professional bilingual guide will provide instructions and prepare you for a memorable experience. Make sure you bring some good hiking shoes with you. Equipment, including harness, hand gloves and helmet are provided by the local operator. You will feel the adrenalin pumping through your body as you zip, high over the ground and become the main subject in this adventure.

The tour will take just under two hours, so you can plan on your ideal time of the day to enjoy your Canopy Tour over the Cangrejal River. The Cangrejal River Canopy tour is within walking distance of our Pico Bonito Hotel.

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